Obdeprlone Spy Camera Hidden Camera

Obdeprlone Spy Camera Hidden Camera for Home Indoor Outdoor Security Police Camera for Cat/Pet/Car,Nanny Camera with Motion Detection,Wireless 1080P HD Portable.

This spy camera hidden camera is light weight and comes with a 32GB card slot. There is a detailed manual that makes it easy to understand how to use, as opposed to WIFI or apps to operate the spy camera, just insert a micro SD card and start recording. It is easy to view and download from your computer.

The mini camera records video in HD resolution, including 720p and 1080p video recording modes, ensuring that your video can be played on a wide TV screen without compromising image quality.

Equipped with a motion detection sensor, the Zien portable camera will ensure complete security when dealing with unwarranted break-ins and reduce the chances of theft. Use video proof to catch unwanted guests. In addition, if the SD card is full, the mini camera will automatically rewrite old video files for continuous recording.

This smart hidden camera can record HD resolution video even in low light. It has six low-light indicators around the lens to record high quality video even at night.

This camera mini-camera has four fixed ports at the bottom for use with a camera mount. It can be used indoors for office surveillance, at home as a child safety camera and nanny cam to watch your pets, or outdoors for biking, surfing on the ocean, or easily for drone recording. It is a miniature camera with multiple uses.

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