FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker Machine Countertop B09NBHGNR1

FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker Machine Countertop, self-cleaning ice maker, compact portable ice maker with ice scoop and ice basket, suitable for home kitchen and outdoor travel use.

With the new 1PH compressor, water can condense and freeze into ice quickly for better ice making. Let you enjoy a glass of ice water faster, the tabletop ice maker only takes 8-13 minutes to make 9 pieces of ice each time, and can make 26.5lbs/12kg of ice every 24 hours, in addition, we have updated the ice maker body, which is a bit heavier than the old version.

You can buy an ice maker for your kitchen, coffee bar, office and RV respectively, and you can always have a glass of ice water, chilled juice or coffee on a hot summer day. Host a multi-person party in your yard and make a big bucket full of chilled drinks for your friends!

With the ability to make multiple sizes of ice cubes, this countertop ice maker is sure to be a great choice for your family! The popular bullet style ice cubes are available in large or small ice sizes to avoid sticky ice cubes. Ideal for cooling beverages, performing ice processing and keeping food fresh.

Very easy to operate portable ice maker with smart indicator to remind you to add water. The internal sensor detects if the ice is full, when it is full, the ice maker will light up the “ice full” indicator to remind you to remove the ice.

If you want to have an iced coffee in the evening and don’t want to disturb your family’s rest. If your ears can’t handle too much noise. Then this ice maker is for you! This ice maker operates at less than 45 decibels, allowing you to enjoy ice making in a comfortable and quiet environment, even at night: Equipped with a quiet cooling fan that quickly distributes heat to the compressor for long term use.

Then this ice maker is the perfect choice for you. Pair every meal with a glass of ice water to meet your family’s daily water needs.

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